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Rejuvenate body and soul with the ultimate retreat from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. No distractions, temptations, or guilt. It’s a journey, which will improve your life. What we want, is for you to be comfortable as you embark on a journey that will enhance your wellbeing for years to come.



Welcome to Pema Wellness at BayPark – a place of expansive sights and intricate walks amidst lush flora, where every view, points to the Bay of Bengal.

Embracing a naturopathic vision, Pema Wellness is driven by the rhythm and flow of nature to revive the synergy between the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Environmental expressions within. A bespoke program customized to suit the respective goals of each guest, our therapeutic nutrition, daily guided meditation, yoga, and healing practices come together to create a holistic experience of wellbeing with naturopathy at the core. Fostering an environment promoting a healthy lifestyle with sustainability thereafter, every aspect translates into an exquisite experience.

At Pema Wellness the focus is on the root cause and not merely symptomatic treatment. Guided by the vision to harness nature’s wealth, wellness at Pema is a holistic and integrated process. Embark on a path of self-correction, transformation and be one with nature again in the backdrop of pristine clear waters and nurturing natural environs at the Resort.

Nature is the Healer of Disease
– Hippocrates



Our naturopathic doctors seek the best fit for each guest with tailor-made therapy programs. With over 80 standardized naturopathic treatments, our experienced team artfully creates the winning combination that actively engages the guest in his or her health. Achieve detoxification of the body, revitalization of the mind and healing of the soul in the serene and sublime environs of the Healing Hub.

Revive, rejuvenate and begin anew with our Manipulative Therapies that nurture and renew the link between body, mind, and soul under the expert hands of empathetic healers – where healing manifests physically and spiritually. We are the first with the latest Healing Quartz Therapy that uses the healing powers of Quartz crystals to alleviate pain, release muscular tension and promote healing.

Revive inner resonance, harmony, and balance of the body and mind with the ancient healing technique of Acupuncture. Deep cleanse from within to feel elevation in overall health with our selection of colon therapies that remove toxins, harmful bacteria and worms from the gut for detoxification.

Our Hydrotherapy and Sauna therapy programs focus on flushing out deep-seated toxins from the body, giving relief from inflammation and pain while rejuvenating the vital organs while the Ozone Capsule and the Anti-cellulite Therapy help tone the body.

Revive, Rejuvenate & Begin Anew



Leave behind the disturbances that disrupt the rhythm of nature and seek
a peaceful state of mind with our customized and specially designed
Yoga programs.

Open up to quiet contemplation, master the breath and let the self be in bliss with specially designed Kriyas. Constructive and region focused Asanas leaves one with a calm mind, rejuvenated senses and harmony within. Frequent beachside Yoga enveloped in the soulful orchestra of the sea and fresh ozone rich breeze uplifts the ‘prana’ – vitality.

Yoga is the art of awareness on the canvas of body, mind & soul – Amit Ray



Savour nature’s goodness by thriving on the mindfully crafted vegetarian wellness cuisine at Pema. Our Doctors and Nutritionists carefully design a custom diet plan for every guest with individual requirements in mind. Behind the well-crafted offerings is years of research into the nutritional value, healing properties and calorie composition of various super foods and herbs. As tasty as it is nutritious, the food at Pema enables indulgence that is guilt-free and satisfies the palate. It heals, detoxifies and leaves one feeling content from within.

Replenishing the body’s water reserve is as essential as nourishing it with wholesome nutritious food. A staple for inner cleansing and detoxification, water elevates one’s vitality. Herbs, spices and fruits are fused together with water in carefully researched versatile blends that not only enhance flavour and introduce essential vitamins but also boast of healing properties. With 17 varied infusions, wake up to different flavoured water each new day to keep one thriving.

Fresh Fiesta Of Flavours

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